Product Overview

ETAL Group is a leading supplier of magnetic components for the telecom, power technology, automotive and defense industries.
The Group develops and manufactures qualified electronic transformers and inductors to a world-wide market. 

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Custom Products
  • Signal Transformers
  • Common Mode Chokes
  • LAN & xDSL Modules
  • Power Transformers and Inductors
  • Power Filter Inductors
  • Planar Transformers, Inductors and Modules
  • Can Bus Chokes 


Standard Products
  • Laminated and ferrite line matching transformers
  • ISDN and xDSL components
  • High impedance pick-off transformers
  • Current sense transformers
  • Filters
  • Powerline carrier transformers
  • Power inductors
  • RF, moulded and common mode inductors

Custom Defense
Highly accurate and application-specific designs for
defense and offshore applications.
Our components are renowned for their effectual functioning
and high-tensile strength among our valued customers.


Product Finder