Innovative OEM of magnetic components

KAMIC Group expands by acquiring leading UK magnetic component manufacturer

ETAL Group has a long history in designing and manufacturing of very small toroid products and complex modules. Often these products are made into common mode chokes but can also be found as compact high efficient flyback transformers etc. 

Our expertise in the area of magnetic components and applications allow us to support our customers with excellent design and manufacturing
of complete modules.

With our high-end and reliable planar products 
we can offer custom made transformers and/or inductors that combine superior performance
with overall low cost.

ETAL Group is a leading supplier of magnetic components for the telecom, power technology, automotive and defense industries. Our products are sold to demanding customers around the globe.

We are a specialist in custom products and in optimising designs to satisfy our customers´ specific requirements in the most cost and environmentally effective way. Our aim is to work closely with the customer's design department and raw material suppliers to be flexible and to deliver with short lead times.


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