ETAL Group aims to become the preferred supplier to the markets it serves. To this end, it has acknowledged that customers are its primary concern.

The aim is not only to satisfy them, but also to earn their loyalty through forming long-lasting, ethical relationships with them. To achieve this, ETAL will continue to develop processes for understanding the customer’s needs and expectations.

It will measure their perceptions of the services provided through regular customer contact and feedback.

Every manager within ETAL Group is responsible for directing the course, actively motivating and involving all employees in assessing and refining the internal quality systems and will take prompt action when problems or opportunities for improvement arise.

ETAL Group is an ISO 9001 certified company with ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certified production sites.

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Our goal is to be recognized as a valuable and reliable partner to every customer.


  • More than fifty years experience designing, producing and selling transformers and inductors
  • Custom design and manufacture to your needs
  • Own factories in Europe and Asia
  • R&D Centres in UK, Estonia and Sri Lanka
  • Short lead time for prototypes
  • Global company