ETAL Group carries out production in own manufacturing facilities and through production partners.

Our newest manufacturing site is in Piliyandala, Sri Lanka. This purpose built, fully air-conditioned facility has been designed specifically to meet ETALs manufacturing requirements. Located in a 5600sqm compound with 3400sqm of floor area our modular internal infrastructure allows for flexible, efficient and cost-effective manufacturing. The site commenced operations in 2020 following the transfer from our Rathmalana facility which we started in 2008. Capabilities include, component design, automatic fine wire winding (linear and toroidal), manual winding, NC and manual soldering, planar assembly, vacuum encapsulation, vacuum varnish impregnation, ferrite core grinding and electrical verification to fully cover the manufacturing requirements of a wide range of standard and custom designed inductive components and assemblies.

Our manufacturing site in Estonia commenced operations in 1994 and is located in a 2400 m² facility.
Capabilities include coil winding (toroidal, linear, automatic), assembly (manual, automatic), processing (pressure/vacuum impregnation, pressure/vacuum resin encapsulation) and electrical verification to fully cover the manufacturing requirements of a wide range of standard and custom designed inductive components and assemblies.

SIGA (Electronics) Ltd acquired by Kamic Group in 2018 is a leading manufacturer of all types of toroidal and bobbin wound components, and associated assemblies. Established in 1961, the company has steadily expanded and market sectors supplied include: medical, aerospace, railways, satellite, test equipment, underwater vehicles (ROVs), as well as the general electronics industries. SIGA is able to manufacture and supply any quantity from 1 off to many thousands off and are able to design to meet customers’ electrical specification, or can build to print

All our manufacturing sites have achieved and maintain ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 certifications.

Production partners for ETAL Group are at minimum certified to ISO 9001. All work according to ETAL specified standards and are evaluated and monitored though recurrent audits by ETAL Group.


  • More than fifty years experience designing, producing and selling transformers and inductors
  • Custom design and manufacture to your needs
  • Own factories in Europe and Asia
  • R&D Centres in UK, Estonia and Sri Lanka
  • Short lead time for prototypes
  • Global company