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Signal Transformers
Common Mode Chokes
LAN & xDSL Modules
Power Transformers and Inductors
Power Filter Inductors
Planar Transformers, Inductors and Modules
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Standard Products
Laminated and ferrite line matching transformers
ISDN and xDSL components
High impedance pick-off transformers
Current sense transformers
Powerline carrier transformers
Power inductors
RF, moulded and common mode inductors

Highly accurate and application-specific designs for military and offshore applications.
Our components are renowned for their effectual functioning and high-tensile strength among our valued customers.

Bus bar mounted current transformers
HV motor start transformers
Pressure sensing transducer coils
Focus and astigmatism coils for use in 3D metal printing


  • More than fifty years experience designing, producing and selling transformers and inductors
  • Custom design and manufacture to your needs
  • Own factories in Europe and Asia
  • R&D Centres in UK, Estonia and Sri Lanka
  • Short lead time for prototypes
  • Global company